recurring revenue platform in a box

We give your appliances the ability to automatically re-order consumables, creating repeat revenue for the lifetime of the device.


Why use Pantri?

Simplicity. Connectivity. Revenue.

Simplifying the chain

Pantri is the central market place where; manufacturers, retailers and users come together in one digital space.

One connection

Pantri provides one touch point for your users where they can connect to their preferred retailer to automatically reorder consumables from your appliance.

Recurring revenue

Pantri provides you margin on every transaction your users make through your appliances. Meaning you gain repeat revenue for the lifetime of the appliance.

How Pantri works

With Pantri, you share the margin for every transaction your appliances make.

Link your device to the Pantri API.

This integration enables your appliances to send us data enabling the appliances to shop.
If you don’t have IoT capability our Pantri certified partners can help retrofit your existing appliances, linking through to Pantri in no time at all.

Connect your users to Pantri by using: 

Pantri’s in house apps Mocha and Swish,
our Powered by Pantri co-branded app,
or by integrating the Pantri API into your existing apps.

We make it our business to make connections.

Pantri links your appliances to our fulfilment partners who already supply individual and batch consumables through postal networks.
All of our fulfilment agreements provide margin…margin that builds recurring revenue for you.

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