your kitchen appliances shop for you

Welcome to Pantri - a new eCommerce platform, linking the IoT appliances to the worlds online retailers ...


How Pantri works ...

The appliance do the shopping ...

A new breed of kitchen appliances and IoT devices are coming to market capable of shopping for themselves.

Where we come in ...

Pantri collates all of the signals into one unified platform

We handle the eCommerce transaction, sending you the customer orders.

It's all about you ...

We connect to your existing eCommerce portal; Magento, Shopify, many others coming soon.

You agree to keep your stock data up to date, and meet a fulfilment SLA. 

Pantri pulls the products from your existing systems, sending you the orders to fulfil.

Retail, that pays...

You post them to the customer using your existing infrastructure

We forward the payment to you weekly minus a small fee

(similar to existing online platforms)

Now ...

We are working with several fulfilment partners to get everything working right.

If you would like to be an early part of this fantastic new platform, we would love to talk to you!

Next ...

We will shortly be offering an open platform for you to list your products and receive orders.

We are looking for retail fulfillers across the UK, USA and European markets. 

To express an interest or keep informed when we launch, sign up to receive email updates here:

Pantri Ltd. 26a Bird Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire. UK