recurring revenue platform in a box

Pantri is a new platform that connects IoT appliances to retail endpoints, enabling them to automatically re-order consumables before the user runs out.

To our apps...

How Pantri works ...

Your IoT appliance

Link to our Pantri API.

Send through the data you can provide; from basic usage to AI predictive data

Don’t have IoT capability? Our partners can help retrofit your existing appliances, linking through to Pantri in no time at all.

Let the magic happen...

Pantri interprets the data, extracting key information used to track consumables and replenish stock.

Pantri handles the data, tracks usage, bills the customer, creates a replenishment order.

Connect, and deliver...

We make it our business to connect direct to fulfilment partners who already supply individual or batch consumables through postal networks.

Recurring Retail Revenue ...

With Pantri, Manufacturers are able to share the margin for every transaction their appliances make.

Building you a sustainable recurring revenue model.

Our Apps

We are building a range of device and consumable agnostic apps on the Pantri platform.

Once your appliance is connected – it is instantly accessible within one or more of these apps – giving you a great platform to build awareness, and a value proposition for customers wanting to appliances in PantriĀ  ecosystem.

Powered by Pantri

Want to take things further? Employ us to build a Powered by Pantri app on Google Android and Apple iOS ecosystems.

Your devices, your brand, your selection of consumables…

Our lighting fast implementation.

Your App

Ready to put us directly into your application? We have an API for that!

We will work with your development team to link Pantri seamlessly into your existing, or upcoming applications.

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