your kitchen appliances shop for you

To our apps...

How Pantri works ...


Get an Internet of Things appliance or accessory.

Use a Powered by Pantri App.

Connect your appliance to Pantri.


Choose which consumables you want your appliance to shop for and which online shop you want to buy from.


Use your appliance as usual.

Your device and Pantri will work together in the background to re-order when the consumables start to run low.

Delivered to your door

You receive replacement consumables in the post just before you run out. No hassle.

Where to find us...

 Pantri is initially available in the UK, connecting Internet Of Things appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and coffee makers. Re-supplying them using letterbox sized deliveries right to your door.

Look for new appliances showing the ‘Powered By Pantri‘ sticker.

At the moment Pantri is invite only, if you want to try us out as we get things going join our waiting list!

Mobile Apps


There are several apps about to launch, find them on Google Play and iOS app stores



We have several appliance manufacturers hooked up, at the moment it’s a little bit hush hush!!!

Watch this space for some awesome announcements soon.

Pantri Ltd. 26a Bird Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire. UK