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What If...

you never had to think about buying repeat essentials again?

Washing Machine

What if your washing machine could shop for you, making sure that your favourite detergent is just there


What if your dishwasher tracked tablets and then just automatically ordered a mailbox sized top-up just before they run out?

Coffee Machine

What if your coffee machine could re-purchase award winning artisanal beans from the best microroasters?

Now thanks to Pantri, we are bringing about a new world, where your devices and appliances shop for you.

How It Works

Its actually quite simple. Pantri is a digital layer that sits between your internet of things device and a retailer.

The device

You need an IoT appliance or device thats connected to Pantri. You can find a list of devices below.

The app

Pantri is either accessed through a device manufacturers application, or through one of our "Powered by Pantri" apps

Choose your products

Then, you simply choose the product you want your device to buy, aprove the items cost, provide payment details then leave Pantri and your device to do the shopping on your behalf!

Get your time back

Now you can go use the time you would have spent shopping - doing something else!