The intelligent subscription platform

Automatically shopping for essentials has never been easier...

Automatically buy essentials through our app, messenger, or an IoT appliance.

Shop in-store? Annoyed with having to buy the same groceries every week, standing at the back of a long queue?

Shop online? Do you have to keep returning to the store because you forgot to add something important onto the order?

Use subscriptions? Fed up of getting too much product over time, cancelling and then forgetting to restart after you’ve run out?

The Pantri platform has you covered..

A simple cross platform app that allows you to create intelligent, automated subscriptions for the groceries you regularly use.

Even without a smart appliance, you can start automating your weekly shop in just a few minutes!

Its often difficult to cancel or adjust subscription services. We’ve made it super easy! Chat allows you to use Facebook Messenger to talk directly to Pantri. Order more supplies, adjust or pause subscriptions, by sending us a quick message!


Devices Logo 4@4x

Pantri enabled devices are rolling out this summer! From integrated and standalone dishwashers, to low cost smart plugs.

It has never been easier to make your shopping smarter



Subscriptions, made intelligent.

Panel is the place to setup and manage your intelligent subscriptions, with one tap purchase.

It allows you to start automating your shopping even without a smart appliance.

Panel also lets you pause and resume purchases any time you need to. 

Join our beta today, and be one of the growing number of users when we launch in the UK 🇬🇧 this summer!


With Chat, Pantri adds intelligence to your shop.

Chat allows you to setup, adjust and pause your Pantri intelligent subscriptions just by typing a message.

Chat also messages you from time to time, like your very own shopping assistant, to check that everything is ok with your subscription.


Coming summer 2019

Chat to Pantri like you message family or friends. Use Facebook Messenger to control your Pantri intelligent subscriptions, like;

"Reorder the dog food, please"

Google Assistant

Coming late 2019

Talk directly with Pantri, through a Google Assistant device with commands such as;

"Hey Google, ask Pantri to send me Clifton Coffee twice a month"

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The final step to fully automating shopping for those un-emotive essential weekly purchases, is to let the devices that consume them through to order for you instead.

Think, thats far out?

Well, there are devices that can re-order their consumables through pantri today, and a lot more devices that will be able to do so soon:

IoT Buttons

You can one click buy items in the Pantri Panel.

But its even more convenient if you have a button next to your coffee pod machine, or next to your bin to re-order the items you need with a single push.

Supported Devices
Flic Button


The days of going to make the morning brew only to realise you're out of coffee are over. Pantri is connecting to a range of coffee machines to re-order whole-bean coffee from the best artisanal roasters to the most popular pods.

Supported Devices
Coming Soon
We'll have news on various other connected coffee machines very soon.


How often do you forget to get those all important tab's and end up spending the rest of the week washing the plates by hand? The good news is that those days are numbered. Buy a Pantri Connected Dishwasher and it'll tell us when it runs and we'll count down your dishwasher tablets.

Supported Devices
Bosch dishwashers
Siemens dishwashers
Coming Soon
A range of peripheral attachments that will enable you to make your existing dishwasher speak to Pantri.

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