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We're About Ready To Launch

We are looking for people who like making in the UK to help us by joining our Alpha Test.

Here's what you'll get & be able to do:

1 build

You'll get parts & instructions on how to build an Arduino based push button & which you will be able to assemble using solder, the Arduino IDE (we provide the source code) & a bit of 3D printing (case available through Shapeways if you can't print one yourself).


You'll connect your button up to the Pantri API. You will then be able to track grocery usage by pressing the button each time you use the item that it is assigned to (say an apple or a bottle of water).


You'll be able to log into the Pantri Dashboard & see what you've used; setting up rules to create a shopping cart with a majory UK online retailer.

So if you want to re-order Apples when you get down to the last 3, you'll set up Pantri to count the button presses, removing an apple from your inventory each time & creating a new order in your shopping basket when you reach the final 3.

Apply To Join The Pantri Alpha Launch

Fill in the below form to apply to join. We're specifically looking for people in the UK at the moment. We don't care if you're a small time maker who's just worked out how hot the business end of a soldering iron gets or an electro-boffin professional manufacturer.

In fact, we want a range of people from all sorts of backgrounds to test out the service, so please tell us all about it by filling out the form below.

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